Copper byzantine necklace - complete!

My jump rings arrived yesterday! I promptly dived into the first of the three projects I got rings for - a Byzantine weave copper necklace. It's the same weave as my anklet from a couple weeks ago, but this time since the ring size is correct, what the weave was designed for, it's much tighter and more stable and looks much better!

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Now I'm waiting for the email with the PDF instructions for my second project to arrive. I was going to just make a bracelet in this Celtic knot pattern, but I decided to experiment with making something that will effectively be a hairnet, that will wrap around my hair when I put it up in a bun. Don't know if I can make it work, but it should be fun to try!

Tote bag progress

So thanks to spending my morning finishing the new JD Robb book, (which was awesome, btw), I got a later start on the bag than I'd planned. But I still managed to make some nice progress! (And took the opportunity to rewatch the Star Trek 2009 movie while I was at it!)

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I probably won't do any more tonight, but with a little luck and some time I can hopefully finish this tomorrow. Then I can switch everything over from my current purse before it falls to pieces! (Poor purse. I regularly load it down to the point where it hurts my shoulder - the fact that it made it a full year and change is pretty good!)

Man, I need more sewing icons. Anyone got ideas for some?

In progress: new tote bag!

I got fabric last night to make a new tote bag to use as a purse - mine is falling to pieces. The pattern is actually the first pattern I ever made, and it makes a great purse for a pack rat like me. I'll start working on it after I get some chores done, so there'll be in progress updates coming!

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Chain mail anklet

So I've decided to follow joyfulfeather's lead and start making chain mail jewelry. In order to play around with it and see if I enjoyed it enough, I picked up some cheap jump rings at Michael's, a couple pairs of pliers at Joann's, and played around a little with the Byzantine pattern from the chain mail book joyfulfeather loaned me for the weekend.

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The weave isn't as tight as it would be if I actually had the proper jump ring size and gauge, but since I was going with whatever I happened across at Michael's, I worked with what I had. It turned out pretty decent, though! Certainly nice enough to wear around with skirts or shorts on weekends, at least.

I was originally going to do a copper necklace to match the copper earwrap joyfulfeather gave me for Christmas, but the copper rings were more expensive and there weren't so many clasps, so I decided to save that until I can get the exact correct size and gauge. I'll definitely be ordering a jump ring stash of my own soon!

(And I only used half the rings I bought! I may try a different weave for another anklet - but only after my shoulders and hands have uncramped.)

Duffel bag - Finished!

Holy crap, I did not expect to get almost all the way through that bag today. It wasn't exactly a hard project, but with strap and lots of pockets, it added up to a lot of little steps. (And a few lightly scalded spots on my fingertips, because I have trouble with irons occasionally!)

I made a few changes that helped - for one, I hate bias tape with a fiery, burning passion, especially on multiple layers of quilted fabric. So instead, I used my nice new overlock foot to zigzag the inside edges as a seam finish, rather than encasing them as the pattern called for.

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I did the same thing on the side seams, although that didn't look quite so pretty. I have issues shaping bag sides like that, so it was more awkward, but the outside looks fine and the inside seams are mostly finished, at least.

The pattern calls for loops to be sewn onto the outside of the bag, which I changed to put the loops into the side seams. Should make them sturdier as well as neater, which is good since I do want to make and add a shoulder strap. I also did them out of more quilted fabric instead of the cotton , so that'll also make them stronger.

The very little bit I have left to do - sew the cover around the cardboard that sits in the bottom to give it rigidity, and make a shoulder strap, for which I have to go get more fabric and clips. Plus I'll use either double-sided tape or some double-sided interfacing to secure the cardboard to the bottom of the bag - the pattern doesn't call for it, but it won't stay in place otherwise.

So here's what it looks like finished!

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It has a pocket on each face, one on each side, and three segmented pockets on each inside face. Lots and lots of places to stash tools, cell phones, pens, or whatever! I doubt I'll carry this as a purse once its life as a toolbag is complete, because it isn't big enough for the extent of pack rat that I am, but it's a nice size to carry my phone, Kindle, and snack food over to joyfulfeather's place, for instance. And it should be a nice size for hauling my tools out to the test site. (I only have a few small hand tools and electronics connectors, so I don't need anything huge for that.)

Next project - probably my first attempt at jewelry-making, trying a chain necklace or choker to match the ear wrap joyfulfeather gave me for Christmas. Should give me something to play with next weekend!

Sewing post - duffel bag

I've decided to start using my LJ to post pictures and other information about the sewing I've been doing and the jewelry making I'm planning to do. Hopefully I'll actually keep up with it this time and it'll give me a handy repository of things I've made and how I've made them! I'll also post pictures of some of my past projects as I go.


I'm going to be working on a test for about a month where, though I'll be close enough to home I don't have to live out of a hotel (for a change), I also won't be going to my office or lab regularly. So I'll have to carry my tools with me, and since I don't have a toolbag, I decided to make one!

So I'm making a duffel bag from McCall's pattern 4118.

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So far this morning, I've got the pattern pieces cut, the outside pockets attached, and the strap put on one side. Now, time for a break!

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Probably will go back and do a little more after lunch.

PBR Finals Round 2

Time for the rank pen. There's gonna be some fantastic bulls bucking tonight!

Also, am dead tired and horribly red from the airshow today, but it was worth the inevitable pain tomorrow just to see the Blue Angels. They are AMAZING.

But I may discuss that in a different post. For now, PBR!

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Man, tomorrow's matchups will be epic. Big Tex, Troubadour, Spit Fire, plus I don't think we've seen Chicken on a Chain yet.
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